Holding Hands

Family and Caregiver Support Group

What is it?

Feel like you could use some extra support during your child's time in EI? This service is a support group for families and caregivers of children receiving Early Intervention (EI) services. We provide a comfortable friendly environment for EI families to brainstorm with each other and learn that they're not alone in their struggles. 

What are the topics?

Meetings addresses six different topics on a rotating basis. The upcoming schedule is as follows:

  1. Parenting a child with special needs (11/07/19, 02/06/20)

  2. Handling behaviors and habits (11/19/19, 02/18/20)

  3. Assistance in navigating state and federal programs (12/05/19, 03/05/20)

  4. Parent advocacy (12/17/19, 03/17/20)

  5. OPWDD - what it means and who is eligible (01/02/20, 04/02/20)

  6. Transitioning to preschool (01/21/20, 04/21/20)

Is childcare available during meetings?

Yes! Childcare is available for the child currently receiving EI services. Please note at this time, childcare cannot support children with medical issues unless a private nurse is in attendance.​

When and where?

  • Group leader: Denise Lasky, LCSW

  • Meetings occur on the 1st Thursday and 3rd Tuesday of each month

  • Meetings are 45 minutes long - 11:45a - 12:30p

  • Meetings occur at our Monroe office:

101 Stage Road, Monroe, NY 10950


  • Groups generally contain 8-10 people


How can I sign up?

If you're interested in joining the group, please contact your Ongoing Service Coordinator or Angela Mertens (Partner and Operations Director) at 845.827.6227 x101/angela@sjastaff.com and we'll be happy to discuss how we can help you and your family!