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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Has your child been recently diagnosed with Autism/PDD? Are you hearing about Applied Behavior Analysis and are not sure what it entails? Find out more about this specialized technique by visiting our Applied Behavior Analysis page.

Early Intervention (EI) Evaluation and Treatment


Wondering about your child's development? Has your pediatrician recommended an Early Intervention evaluation? Visit our Early Intervention page to learn more about the process.

Family and Caregiver Support Group

Feel like you could use some extra support during your child's time in EI? Visit our Family and Caregiver Support Group page to learn how the evaluation process works.

Group Developmental Model (GDM)

Is your child getting ready to enter preschool? Our Group Developmental Model can help prepare them for a successful preschool experience while strengthening developmental skills. Visit our Group Developmental Model page to learn more.

Parent Child Group (PCG)

Looking to improve your child's social skills while learning new strategies and connecting with other EI families? Our Parent Child Group works on a variety of goals such as speech, play/social/behavioral skills, and following adult directed activities. Visit our Parent Child Group page to learn more.

Preschool Services

Have a preschooler, ages 3-5, who you suspect may have some learning, speech, or motor delays? Visit our Preschool Services page to learn how the evaluation process works.

Private Therapy Services

If your insurance does not cover therapy, or you would like a private evaluation, visit our Private Therapy page for more information.


Is your preschool or community group interested in hosting a free speech and/or developmental screening? Contact us to see how we can help.